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The rules and guidelines for accreditation of media representatives are defined on the basis of recommendations and rules for accreditations of journalists and press centres of the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union (GSC).

Media accreditations are granted exclusively to media representatives based on an official request filed by the management of the relevant editor office. All personal data will be processed in line with the GDPR rules applicable to the whole accreditation process.

All accredited journalists must adhere to the general rules of operation of the press centres and other specific rules defined in advance by the Czech Presidency (CZ PRES) team.

The CZ PRES accreditation team reserves the right to revoke accreditations of any journalist whose conduct disrupts the smooth running of the event or the operation of the press centre and press conferences.


Media accreditation for events of the parliamentary dimension of the CZ PRES is accessible only for representatives of the press, radio and television based on an official application filed by the management of the relevant editor office. Journalists who represent internet news portals must meet the following criteria:

  • the website of the online media must be a professional website with a specific verifiable address and a telephone number. The majority of the content of the website must consist of original news, commentaries or analyses and must be updated at least once a week.

Please note that you cannot receive an accreditation if you:

  • are not a representative of any media,
  • represent think tanks or interest groups,
  • are lobbyists or consultants or individuals who have a professional side activity that is deemed incompatible with a press accreditation.


The accreditation badges (entry cards) are valid only for the specific event for which they were issued. Please note that you must obtain a separate accreditation for each event and, therefore, also a separate (new) accreditation badge.

You can pick up your accreditation badge at the venue of the event at the accreditation desk that will be opened one hour before the start of the event. In order to collect your badge, you must show your national ID card or a valid passport, and your press card.

Please be reminded that it is prohibited to publish any photo of the QR code printed on the received badge on the internet or social media. Similarly, all accredited journalists undertake not to have any photo of the badge published by a third party on the internet or the social media.

Accreditation withdrawal

The CZ PRES accreditation team reserves the right to withdraw an accreditation and an issued accreditation badge from any journalist who disrupts with their conduct the smooth running of an event, operation of the press centre, a press conference or other activity of the CZ PRES.


  • Access to press centres set up by the CZ PRES team for specific events organised as part of the CZ PRES is reserved mainly for journalists, delegation members and the CZ PRES staff.
  • The accreditation badge granted according to the CZ PRES rules must be worn in a visible place. The press accreditation procedures are explained on the official website of the parliamentary dimension of the CZ PRES (parleu2022.cz).
  • Journalists have priority access to places in the press rooms where official press conferences of the CZ PRES will be held.
  • Journalists have priority access to the workstations in the press centre.
  • Press representatives who will participate in photo pools (photo/television imaging opportunities) must:
    • arrive at a time specified in advance by the team of the CZ PRES press centres;
    • make sure that the camera microphones are set so that they record only the background noise (not conversations); if any conversation is recorded despite such setting, such recordings shall not be used;
    • observe the security distances defined in the zone dedicated for recording;
    • leave the meeting room as soon as a signal is given by the accompanying staff of the press centre team;
  • During press conferences, the television crews and photographers must take care to ensure that they do not disrupt the smooth running of the meeting.
  • It is prohibited to film or photograph security devices and security staff.
  • During press events, journalists may speak and ask questions only after they are invited to do so by the moderator who says their name and name of the media organisation they represent.
  • Documents from sources of third parties may be disseminated in the press area only with previous consent of the press centre staff.
  • The press centre team does not bear responsibility for any lost property of the media representatives. We recommend not leaving any devices unattended and using lockers that will be available in the press centre.